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Mombasa on the East Africa Coast (in Kenya) is a favorite destination for holiday lovers who are worshipers of the sun, the ocean and the fresh tropical air a creation of the moonsoon winds that ferried traders to and from India. Mombasa and the East Coast of Africa is a place of forklore telling stories of the Arabian Times, when a King of Arabia settled down in Africa enticed by its beauty creating a kingdom on the shores of the Indian Ocean - an area covering the islands of Mombasa and Zanzibar. Below are some short tours that you can take while in this magical region that are also rich in history and mythology.

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ASK 12: Mombasa City Tour
The colorful island town of Mombasa with its blend of ancient and modern buildings on the Indian Ocean is Kenya principal port and the country's second's largest city. A comprehensive tour of the islands includes the Arab Old Town, with its maze of narrow twisting alleys displaying the beautiful carved doors and Arab verandas, bazaars with curio and antique shops, the Dhow Harbor (still in use), a Hindu temple, a visit to the Akamba wood carvers and a drive to the bazaar fir a short shopping expedition. The highlight of the tour is probably the visit to Fort Jesus. Built in 1593 by the Portuguese to guard the entrance to the Old Dhow Harbor, it is the Island's Landmark. Four hundred years old, the fort still stands and serves as a historical museum

Swahili Buffet

ASK 14: Mombasa Cultural Village
The tour provides a glimpse into the traditions and cultures of the coastal people with a visit to a Giriama or Digo village with our local guide. Continue to Kaloleni to visit the local market and thereafter drive to Kenya Marine land on the north Coast to observe numerous species of tropical marine life in giant aquariums. A snake park, situated nearby is also visited and you can watch carvers at work producing the famous "Makonde" pieces of art. This tour is a rich cultural experience at the Kenya Coast offering a Cultural Tour close to the City of Mombasa as a daily excursion.

ASK 15: Romantic Tamarind Dhow
Transfer to the dhow "Nawalikher", meaning Gateway to Heaven. Sail gently down the Mombasa creek while you sip cocktails and your tour leader points out places of interest and recalls anecdotes of the East Africa coast's colorful past. An excellent four course dinner with a choice of seafood or a meat course is the highlight of the evening.

ASK 17: Gedi Ruins and Malindi Tour
Drive North to Kilifi through attractive country covered by extensive sisal plantations dotted with huge baobab trees. Continue on to the ancient city of Gedi - a 13th century ruin in the heart of the dense forest. Proceed to the coastal town of Malindi for lunch and an exploration of the marine park in a glass-bottomed boat where an experienced guide takes you goggling. Later visit a nearby village and watch the Giriama tribe perform exciting tribal dances before driving back to Mombasa by sundown.

Sailing on the Indian Ocean

ASK 19: Kisite Dhow and Marine National Parks
Depart from the Shimoni (the place of caves) jetty at 9.00 am aboard a converted Lamu Dhow and sail for the Kisite Marine National Park. Snorkel along a fringing reef of Kisite Island and marved at the coral and shoals of fish. A seafood lunch is served at an Arab restaurant on Wasini Island. Wasini village is a true fishing community with strong Arab and coastal influences. Guests should wear suitable attire so as not to offend the villagers.

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